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Hello you lovely people!

Welcome to my 2nd home. My name is Jade, I am a fashion Merchandiser by day and a lifestyle and beauty blogger by night, weekends, just whenever I can get my hands on my laptop.

 I was born and raised in London and now living in a small city within the United Kingdom called Nottingham. I am a wife, daughter and sister who has a passion for God, first and foremost (of course) and a love for beauty, family and life!

I started this blog as a hobby. I would often leave my 9-5 job as a Fashion Merch to sit at home and do nothing but watch TV (Not exactly inspiring). I wanted something more stimulating and something I could be excited about. This is when ‘MrsK’ was formed.

MrsK is who I am, it’s about my thoughts, passions and love of giving advice. This blog is who me.

Sometimes we have take control of our life and really assess what makes us happy. ‘Time doesn’t wait on no man’ is the quote that rings in my head. This is what I am doing not waiting on time but instead running with it.

 I hope you feel inspired by my thoughts. Feel free to share in my passions.