The Cost of Happiness

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I am happy.

We so often are quick to moan, to point out our flaws. To highlight our insecurities.  You very rarely hear someone say. I am happy.

I’m happy with my flaws, because this is what makes me unique. I am happy with my life, as my life is in God’s hands and his plans are always intentional.

I am happy with my marriage, as I didn’t ask to marry a perfect individual. Do they even exist?

I am happy.

Are you willing to turn your groans into gratitude?


Some are afraid of this word, but being content doesn’t always mean you are settling.

Definition of content – In a state of peaceful happiness. A state of satisfaction.

Sometimes we really need sit and savor in the positions, in the moments we are in now. We need to take in and be grateful for every stage in life. I know this is hard at times, I truly can vouch for that. However, I’ve seen once I’ve appreciated the now it gradually opens doors to many more opportunities.

Of course, progression is key. But when will we stop and appreciate.

Have you given appreciation the time of day?

With Love,

Mrs K

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