I don’t have enough clothes!


I know, I know. Every girl says it and not every girl will be in her right mind to admit, I do! I have enough clothes.

I think we’d rather choose the path of delusion before admitting anything as ridiculous as, we have enough clothes.

Like, come on who does that?

“But when will we really say I have enoughutters Jade as she peers deeply into the distance.

I almost believe the feeling of feeling like you don’t have enough can steam from the simplest of things. “I don’t have enough clothes”.

Such an innocent comment, but also the commencement of the cycle of disatification. Dissatisfied with our clothes, hair, image, life.

Drastic? No, just reality. When will we really say enough is enough?

Enough to feeling distatifed.

Enough to the pressure of wanting more, needing more.

Enough to someone else’s expectations.

And, finally, realise..

I am enough. 

The other day I wrote on one of my Instagram post, “Compare yourself with what you had, a week, Month or year ago rather than the progression of others”.

Dissatisfaction can sometimes hugely form from comparison.

The internet is such a powerful tool, however, how is that power being displayed in your life?

To cause destruction and distort your idea of happiness?

Or powerful, to uplift, improve and grow?


Before the comparisons started, before life’s influences encapsulated me and someone else’s expectations of life weighed down on me, was I happy? Was I where I am a year ago? Did I feel happy with me and content with what I had?

Lets take a step back really embrace the now. Embrace who we are, now. Embrace what we have, now. We don’t need more. We just want more and there is nothing wrong with that.  But turn that need into a healthy want. 

Let’s go for what we want but at the same time be happy with how far we have come.

With Love, 

Mrs K



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