I’ve done it and so can you!


It’s almost November guys! Where has this year gone?!

Honestly, it goes super fast and in a blink of an eye it’s gone. This is why it was extremely important for me to reach for my goals this year.

No more procrastinating. No more delays. No more waiting for an opportunity to knock at my door.

It was the season of knocking on opportunities door and still is.

On this blog I have spoken so much about fear. About not letting fear control you and I can truly say this year has been a year of excersizing this.

So how did Jade do that, you may be asking?

Well guys, you are the only people I am being open and honest about this with. So this is just between me and you!

I’ve launched my own business! Yes! Oh my gosh, yes! I know.  

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 22.43.52

Trust me, it took a look of self convincing to start this. Let’s say, maybe 5 plus years of trying to push myself. But I have finally got there.

This journey has been a fun, frustrating, exciting and a doubtful process. Although there may be a mixture of feelings, the overall emotion that outweighs the negative, is the feeling happiness and self-progression.

For me, progression within a company run by someone else is great and I’m always so grateful for that. However, progressing in something that you created, planned and envisaged is a whole different level for me. It blows my mind!

I’m here to encourage someone who has had an idea on there mind for a while. Who is running through the thought process of, should I, should I not?

Why not turn the questions into answers? Be good to your future self and do something that will not only make you happy for the moment, but will allow your future self to be proud!

You can do it! 

If you would like to check out my store, feel free :). Any feedback you can give will also be very much appreciated!

With Love,

Mrs K


One thought on “I’ve done it and so can you!

  1. Love the new attitude! Keep it up and you’ll achieve so many great things on top of what you’ve already done 🙂 Keep writing and stay consistent!
    Well deserved follow 🙂
    I recently posted a happiness post about the obstacles we’ll hit in our life. Could you take a look and leave a like and follow if you enjoyed the read? Thanks a lot 🙂
    I’m also trying to increase my audience through my social medias, do you use FaceBook by any chance?
    Keep inspiring!

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