How to Regain Your Confidence – 1

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How to Regain your confidence in 2018 – The Interview

The first thought that popped to my mind when thinking about the subject, confidence, is the interview process.

As an individual, growing up I would literally be terrified of attending an interview. I knew it had to be done, however, wished the interviewer would know, what skills I had, who I was and what I could give to the company, without me having to explain it.

How amazing would that be?!

Unfortunately, guys, this is not the case and we have all  or at some point in life, needed to prepare for the professional grilling of interrogation.

Preparing for an interview can either enable the outcome of the interview be a positive or negative one. We’re aiming for the positive right guys?

Take a look at the below points which I think are crucial to the interview prep.

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Research –

Please, please, please do your research on the company you are interviewing for. There is nothing worse than rocking up without a clue in a world of who you will be talking to and the company YOU are hoping to work for.

Trust me I know! I’ve had a lazy day here and there and thought I could blag the history of a company.

No, just no.

I can not explain how embarrassed I felt when the interviewer clearly knew,  I, knew, NOTHING! (Cringe)

It’s all about doing the best you can when it comes to researching the company and also the position. We don’t want any regrets.

Comparing the new with the old

What I mean by this, is assessing your current job role (if any) or current skills with the requirements of the new role.

Do you have the experience they need? If so, how?

What are you doing now that can help you perform well in the new role.

Are you a team player in your current role?

Comparing really helps you to know what level you are at and enables you to be confident in selling yourself to the interviewer

Act darling,  Act!

When I was younger I was extremely shy.  I hated eye contact and meeting new people. I however, knew I had to get out of the shyness in order to really be able to get by in life!

When I would have an interview my mum would always tell me to just “act” like I was confident. Pretend.

So this is what I did. As much as my eyes burnt when looking into that individuals eyes.  I let them burn all the way to the end hunny! I walked in with my head held high, a strong hello and a confident stance. Remember you are in control and can be whoever you want to be.

The “act” soon became my reality and now I no longer dread the thought of meeting new people, or attending an interview. I enjoy the process and I am happy I forced myself out of my comfort zone.

Go get that job! You deserve it!

With Love

Mrs K


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