How to Deal With Rejection in 2018

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Guys, Guys, Guyssssss

Let me tell you. Recently I’ve been exploring my options when it comes to career and looking at different company I may like to work for.

I’m the type of person to get an interview easily and to also do well in the process (I’d like to think). However, recently this hasn’t really been the case.

I mean I’m young-ish guys and love to learn new things. I dislike remaining stagnant, when it comes to my career and feel of course after an acceptable time it is good to move off onto something new which in turn helps you to understand the growing industry you are in and also broaden your knowledge and of course financial gain.

I’ve been working to doing the above but the above definitely hasn’t been working with me.

I thought after receiving bad news I would feel disappointed and upset. However I can happily say I don’t and there a various reasons why.

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I’ve learnt before doing anything to put God first. He Is after all the author of our life, the creator of the universe, what is there that he does not know? He knows you more than you know yourself. I definitely believe he warrants being spoken to beforehand, don’t you think?

Because I have put my trust in him, not a little, but all. Whatever happens I always believe it’s intentional. He isn’t a God of mistakes.

Being Open

It is always good to remain positive. However within remaining positive it is good to also be open to any outcome. I find when you allow yourself to remain content and happy with any outcome you don’t feel the impact of the potential disappointment. This again works alongside prayer and having faith and belief that everything that happens in your life is intentional

Keep Going

Don’t give up hunny! Rejection is only a process of life and the word rejection is only highlighted as negative when you make it into one. Keep going, and striving for what you want. Pray for guidance and see every experience as a learning opportunity, to expand in confidence.

Remember success doesn’t happen overnight and what we may want is not always the best thing out there for us. God knows best.

With Love,

Mrs K

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