How to Stop Worrying in 2018

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So I’m not much of a worrier but in 2017 I had a lot of unnecessary thoughts running through my mind which at times caused slight anxiety.

Why did I say that?

I should of I did that differently

Questions and statements like these can be deemed as a self-infliction of emotional abuse. Too strong? Not at all. It’s true.

If you’re not the type of individual to be self-disciplined enough to shrug off such irritating statements, then a statement or question ends up being a full blown conversation of whys, should ofs , would of, could ofs. You end up questioning every move you make in life.

I used to be the type of person that would reenact a disagreement I may have had with an individual. I would literally spending hours adding statements I wish I could of said in the moment.

Ridiculous right?

I however found when I became a born again Christian, what came with that is Gods peace. And let me tell you. It really did change me.

Don’t get me wrong, it definitely was not an overnight thing. It took a lot of self-discipline, prayer and focus to really evaluate my thoughts and focus on what I allowed to reside in my mind.  My mind was no longer used as a junk yard to store, anxiety, envy and the list goes on.

I instead had a clear out. You will however find when you have a clear out it is simply easy to hoard the odd bit of junk here and there.  However, this is where discipline comes in.

Keep your mind tidy. Be strict and don’t allow others to use your mind as their personal dumping ground.

Junk yard – CLOSED.

With Love,

Mrs K

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