How to Plan Financially

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Money, Money, Money.

Don’t we love it. Some of us get it, but find it hard to maintain and keep it. There are also a few of us that love money more than life itself and this ends up being our main focus, almost like an idol that we worship.

Money at times becomes like an idol to me, I must admit. I sometimes sit and wonder about my future, this is when the questions come flooding in. Will I be able to live on what I earn now once I have a child? Will we struggle? Will we ever be able to afford a mortgage? Doubt, doubt and more doubt floods, causing anxiety and worry!

Even writing these questions make me feel a little, unappreciative and ungrateful of where I am now financially.  2 years back, I was on a lower wage and I was living at home with my parents. I was striving to get to where I am now.  However, now that I’m here. I’m feeling unsettled about my position in life. Not realising that I’m only just torturing myself, as life comes in steps. We start at the bottom and with each step we take, we get to a higher level in life. Financially, mentally and physically. However, progression doesn’t always come in this form for everyone

For some, we lose focus and we ourselves halt the potential we have, to succeed, to increase, to expand. We end up being our own hindrance in life.

So how can we work on being financially better, in a healthy way?

First, I believe with every concern, every worry, you should start with prayer. I know this is easier said than done and we can sometimes get so wrapped up in our emotions that we forget this most crucial step. Trust me I understand! However, let’s try to make it second nature.  Practice makes perfect!

Action –

Ok so we’ve prayed. It doesn’t just stop there.  We now need begin with action.  Maybe that involves changing habits we once had, or creating new ones. Do you save? Or are you constantly out shopping and forever updating your wardrobe (Guilty!). We need to look at ways we could help with improving our financial situation.  Prayer helps tremdously however God expects us to help ourselves also and whatever we can’t do he will do! It’s like having an exam but not revising, but expecting God to give you a grade A. Instead, we need to revise and pray that God helps us to remember all we’ve learned.

Plan –

We all want to do better in our finances. We would love to have a mortgage, own a home. Why let it be a dream? Why not start planning towards that reality. If this is a wish, book an appointment with a mortgage advisor. Look into how much you will need to save monthly in order to reach your goal.

Overall guys we are in control of our future. God has already provided all we need when he died on the cross for us. We, now need to take what God has already provided and believe we can do it, through christ Jesus who strengthens us.

With Love,

Mrs K

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