My Online Dating Success Story

Online dating. 

Some people shone the online dating world. But let’s just say it worked for my husband and I. Yes, we met online!


Some people shone the online dating world. But let’s just say it worked for my husband and I. Yes, we met online!

As said in my past post I prayed for my husband. However, he didn’t magically land in my lap.

Sometimes we pray and then expect God to do all the work. We think the guy or girl will suddenly appear in our home. We don’t go out and be sociable but instead stay at home and wait.  “We want good grades but we don’t study for the exam.” (does that make sense).

Don’t get me wrong, in some circumstances God does expect us to stand still. Which is why we must ask for guidance. However, in this case I prayed to meet a man who understands me, who compliments me, encourages me to do better and someone who was interested in getting married and settling down. I was sick and tired of meeting individuals who didn’t add anything to life. In general I wouldn’t say I was on the hunt for a man but I was hopeful and trusting in God that I would soon meet someone.

Signing up to online dating was defiantly out of curiosity. My friend was shouting and raving about this site POF. She stated her friend met her fiancé on there and I should sign up, so I did. Of course there was a lot of , let’s just say, punks, I had to sieve through until I met my now husband.

We started talking and was instantly drawn to one another emotionally and physically. He respected my beliefs as a Christian (tick), had morals (tick), listened (tick), wanted to get married (tick ) and was of course handsome and taller than me (TICK, TICK, 5’10 girl out here peeps!)

I would definitely give a thumbs up to online dating. Not only does it give you the ability to meet people you would never stumble across on a normal day but allows you to let people down ever so gently with the block button (don’t be afraid people!). Ok that sounds harsh but sometimes it is needed. For example you will clearly have on your looking for section   “Serious Relationship” and people will come along who basically want a one night stand. I think you would agree they deserve to be blocked.

So guys and girls it works, I am a success story. Don’t give up at the site of the first idiot. There are good people out there who are also looking for love.


Have you tried online dating? If so, I would love to hear about your experiences!

With Love

Mrs K

5 thoughts on “My Online Dating Success Story

  1. I tried the online dating scene myself! Dated a great guy for a few months, but it didn’t work out. So trying again! You and your husband are a gorgeous couple and I hope I can find someone who also helps me grow as an individual. Beautiful post!

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