How to Keep Your Make Up in Place 

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Recently I’ve been quite busy and lost sight of self care. I just stuck to the routine of work, home, dinner a quick face wash, bed,  wake up, shower and then the day repeats itself.

We often forget to take time out for ourselves so I thought I would come back to my centre and focus on Skin care (MMMMM)

How to keep your make up in place? I found the answer to this question this year. I’ve been struggling with this for years. I would leave the house looking matt and fabulous and then return looking like I’ve just come out of shower. It wasn’t a great sight people

Over the years I’ve been testing different make up brands, some have worked and others was just a huge .. No.

I can finally say I’ve perfected my technique and feel confident enough to share my secret with you all!

Let’s start! 

First and foremost, the base. The base is the most important.  Cleanse, cleanse and cleanse. Morning and night to make sure the base you are applying your make up to is flawless. You would never start a beautiful painting on an damaged canvas now would you.

Next apply a primer. The best primer in my opinion is Estée Lauders matt perfecting primer. It literally helps to keep my make up on all day. When I got this I kept going to the ladies at work just to check how it was holding up. My face was definitely staying put.

Now the foundation

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 19.53.46

This is the part that has taken me years to perfect. I’ve tried at least 5 different brands, Mac, Bobbie Brown, Benefit, Nars and then finally Estée Lauder. Don’t get me wrong they are all good in their own right and cater to different skin types. However, the most important thing is finding a brand that is suitable for your skin.

When it comes to foundation I prefer a matt appearance and heavy to medium coverage. Estée Lauder Double war foundation in my opinion is the best by far. I make sure I apply this with a damp beauty blender in order to create a smooth base.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 20.03.06.png

Once I’ve applied foundation I set it with Laura merciers translucent powder. Once all my makeup has been applied such as bronzer, concealer, mascara etc. I use NYX fix spray.

A M A Z I N G and so affordable

This helps to complete the look and most imporatantly keeps my make up in place!

How do you keep your make up in place. I’d love to know!

With love

Mrs K

4 thoughts on “How to Keep Your Make Up in Place 

    1. Definitely! Especially if you need to look immaculate through the working day. You can’t go wrong! I was thinking of trying the new Fenty beauty brand. Looks so good a also affordable!

      Oh no I didn’t know that. Clearly shows I need to do more research on the brands I purchase!


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      1. Aww thanks. Ye a lot more expensive but they also have some lovely products! I may do a bit of exploring of other make up brands. I tend to stick to what I know. Which is good sometimes but not always!

        Liked by 1 person

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