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Diary Entry – 3 – Neglected

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I’ve neglected you.

You was there waiting for our daily conversations to begin, but, I didn’t turn up.

Minutes, hours, days passed and you was still there.. Waiting.  A month, a year had passed and you remained.  Even now.


Waiting for me to figure out that it’s you.  It’s you that has been there through the storms, the trials. It’s you that holds my hand, even when I feel like I’ve done it through my own strength. It’s you who has strengthen me, it’s you who guides me.  It’s you, and always will be..


I at times wonder what life will be like without you.  Will I have doubt, will I feel bad for the things I do wrong. However, without you there would be no me and without you I will not be able to survive in this world.

I would be blown away in the storms and lost at sea, never to return. Or founded on an unfamiliar land.

I think, I would rather take the option of life. To survive the storms and to live with you. For you have been with me, my father and friend.

With Love

Mrs K

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