Christian Walk

Diary Entry – 2 – Thank You

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 19.26.54

Thank you.

For being my friend. A true friend. Never failing. Never disappointing. Never late. Always there when I need you, even when you’re not a thought. Your always thinking of me.

Never failing – To show mercies and grace. I cannot count the amount of years, months, days that I forgot about you. You wasn’t a thought. At times, just a thought trapped behind many insignificant thoughts. But yet, I was at the forefront of your mind. You don’t judge me on past acts. You Don’t judge me on the way I look. You take me for me.

You know my heart mind. My deepest desires, my darkest secrets. You are my best friend. You know me more than I know myself Lord.  How can I not trust you or follow you?

Never disappointing – through hardship, you didn’t disappear. You remained. When I was inconsolable, you consoled. Sent a timely word that calmed my soul, mind and emotions.

Your has strength kept me!

With Love,

Mrs K

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