Christian Walk

Why You Should Try Jesus

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Happy Saturday all! 

So guys I’ve decided to start a diary entry post of which I hope to post once a week, preferably on Sundays.

For many of you that follow me, you’ll probably know by now that I am a christian. I started my christian walk in August 2015 and I can truly say it’s been amazing and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’ve wondered what I could do to help others to show people that being a christian isn’t just about serving (which is of course important) but it’s about building a beautiful relationship with our maker.

Before I was a christian, I used to think “hmmm, can I really be devoted to a something I can’t see, do I have time or patience to get to know Jesus”.

In order to dispel the doubt I had to pray for a personal experience, where I could experience all these amazing blessings, favour, grace that everyone was talking about.

I would love to share my thoughts, feelings and growth in my relationship with our father and hopefully it will encourage someone to take the leap of faith and really, really give it a go. Try Jesus!

First post will be up tomorrow at 10am. I pray you’ll be blessed!

With Love,

Mrs K

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