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How To Be a Healthier You!

So I’m going clean guys. 

Clean from wheat and junk. I’m fed up of being bloated and feeling discomfort! It’s time to turn over a new, clean, edible leaf and place it in my mouth while I’m at it!

When I say I had a terrible diet, I really did. I rarely ate vegetables, drank water or consumed any kind of vitamin ( Bad, I know). This poor diet really started to take affect my health.  My body was literally screaming out for help!.

I started to experience bad bloating and discomfort every time I ate. In the past, the bloating would disappear after an hour or two, but I’ve realised with time, the deflating is becoming less and less.  My nails broke and split all the time and no nail strengthener was going to change that. It wasn’t great guys.

I’ve realised it’s not always about living for today, especially when it comes to your health. Sometimes you have to plan ahead and really think about the future. I want to be in good health when I’m older and it has to begin now.

I have to admit though guys, this journey is not a particularly easy one.  I lurvee my food and junk food at that. Anything that involves bread, cheese, meat, ham, I’ll have it!
So please allow me  the one slip up, or two!

Below I’ve put my new healthy regimen below -  Remember it is baby steps guys. Please don’t judge me if it’s not completely healthy.. the way my diet was a bag of chips will be healthy!


I’ve started having Granola which is high in fibre and of course has loads of over good stuff.  Before I used to have toast (white bread) with butter and jam, but as you can imagine my stomach would literally have a full blown conversation.  The noise was unbearable and above all embarrassing, especially when sitting in a quiet supplier meeting (Awkward).

Switching to this cereal has really helped to line my stomach, preparing it for the food ahead.


For lunch I now have a salad, yes guys I’m actually doing it. Today I had a chicken salad, with balsamic vinegar as dressing. I then had a yogurt. I really want to however switch to natural yogurt with some fruit. This will be the next step in my health movement!


For dinner I must have something a bit more substantial than salad. As said, I do love my food! And so does my husband! He works late so I am the weekly chef in my house and he graces the kitchen with his presence on the weekends! He definitely won’t settle leafs.

Today we had lamb chops, with whole wheat rice and sweat potatoes! (My fav). It was filling but not to the point of causing discomfort and forcing you into a food coma.  We was able to still enjoy our evening catching up on Game of Thrones (Ah love it!).

So that’s it guys, it’s nothing extravagant but I hope this post will encourage someone to take the plunge and go healthier, whether it be by eating more veg, drinking more water or just simply scrapping junk food.  It’s not easy but easy task never bring out the best results. Let’s do this together!

With Love

Mrs K

2 thoughts on “How To Be a Healthier You!

    1. Hey! It’s seriously not too bad. I was scared too! Haha! But to soften the blow of the “difference in taste” I add honey on top. Makes a huge difference :). Yep sure I’ll pop over 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂 x


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