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How To Be More Grateful

I have to admit, I’m sometimes governed by what I see. I am often told by my mother and hear from inspirational speakers to not go by what I see but to move in faith. Trusting that everything happens for a reason.

I was listening to a sermon on the weekend and it really hit home. It was one of those that felt like it was destined for me. I definitely had a few tilt of the head moments.. like really?

The preacher spoke on blessings. To summarize, he described blessings cousin as disappointment/hardship. They come as a pair. Without the hardship you wouldn’t receive the blessing. He used the example of working to receive a paycheck. Receiving a paycheck to then pay the bills or buying a car to then pay for petrol.

Without the hardship will we really appreciate the blessing? How will God show that he is loyal and always there through it all.

“Through it all I’ve learned to trust in Jesus”.

Recently I’ve been quite hard on myself to be honest. I’ve been comparing and thinking far too much on the future. This much focus on the future has stopped me from really appreciating what I have now. I’m focusing on what I can change and what I don’t have than really being grateful and thankful for all the amazing blessings received.

I’m a huge believer of everything happens for a reason but this season of me feeling underdeveloped has taken its toil. But today let’s turn over a new leaf or in my case let’s turn over the old one! And really think of the many blessings God has graced us with.

Make a list of 5 things you didnt have 5 years ago.

For me it’s, a house I can call home, a husband who loves and uplifts me, being within my career, being confident within myself and the relationship I now have with God.

You see, the blessings not only come in the form of possessions but also come in the form of personal development.

What are you grateful for?

With love 

Mrs K

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