Proud to Be An Introvert

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Growing up, I was a quiet child, very reserved and mainly interacted with those I knew and was comfortable with. I was and am very observant and don’t give my full personality away to individuals I first meet. I like to observe people’s behavioural habits first.

Are they loud? Are they themselves reserved? Are they an open book?

This is who I am. However, sometimes me being an introvert would be mistaken for being shy or rude. People would often try to force me out of my comfort zone which would result in me being even more quiet.

The worse thing to do to an introvert is force them to speak more. It’s just not going to happen. Rather than the observing process lasting a week. An individual pushing me to express, could increase the timeline 2 weeks. Not great!

This post is in celebration of those introverts out there.

I love you beautiful extrovert people too. Don’t worry, the love can spread!

However, I wanted to let you know, it’s ok to be quiet. It’s ok to be reserved. You don’t have to be loud to be liked.

I say this because I as a young adult I at times feel I need to change in order to be heard or to be liked. However, this never ended in the best results, instead it stopped me from being my true self. It was also extremely hard work trying to uphold a persona that was just not me.

Instead I now take my time to get to know people and continue to remain the reserved individual that I am.

Don’t change for the comfort of others. Continue to express in your true form

With love

Mrs K 

11 thoughts on “Proud to Be An Introvert

  1. I’m proud to be an introvert as well! There’s something special about our reserved and cautious method to approaching social settings!
    Following your blog to keep up with your future posts!
    Stop by sometime!
    Mena ✨

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  2. I totally hear you on that. Even now, when I am at family gatherings, some of my nieces and nephews are also leaning towards introversion and I hear other grown-ups say something like ‘come, talk more, don’t be shy’. It’s like the worst thing you can possibly do. People will talk if they want to.

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    1. I agree! People used to do that to me and it only made me close off even more. The best thing to do is allow people to express themselves when they’re ready and feel comfortable enough to do so.

      Thanks for your comment! 🙂

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