Marriage Is Like a Full Time Job

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When I got married I understood that it was a sacred thing to be treasured. However, I didn’t realise it took a lot of work to treasure it.

We often think marriage is a walk in a park. I love this person so surely it will it will be perfect. Not always so.

Marriage can bring happiness and trials. It will never be perfect. However, Just like a job you have to be prepared to sign the contract knowing that not every working day will be great. Not every working day will be the same. However because you have signed that contract you have now committed to that role and must deliver.

What does your marriage CV look like? Have you perfected your key skills?

One thing we often highlight as a key skill and should be left off our marriage CV is, comparison. Many arguments start of with comparing your relationship with another.  What we need to remember is every marriage is like a fingerprint. It has its own unique identity. No one marriage is the same.

People often show the world what they want others to see. We never know what is happening behind closed doors. Therefore, instead of using your energy to focus on what others choose to show you. Why not perfect what you feel needs improving in your own relationship.

In order to perform our role to the best of our ability lets –

Stop comparing and start improving.

With Love, 

Mrs K

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