Short or Long Term Investment?

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Short or Long term investment?

This question can be put to many scenarios in life.

Our relationships, careers and life goals. I’ve used this question, in particular, in my marriage. I view marriage as an investment. An investment of time, emotions, finances and the list goes on.

When I was living the single life, I would always be sure to ask whoever I chose to invest time in, ‘ So where is this going?’

Some would ask the question, ‘Isn’t that going to scare them away?’. 

At first I was afraid of this but you soon grow to think, life isn’t about playing games and it definitely is not about wasting time.

If the individual wants a future with you then a question like this should not frighten them.  These questions need to be asked in order to make sure your time, emotions and finances are not being invested into something short term.

Short Term Investment –

Short term investments are any asset that is anticipated to expire within one to three years, has low risk, and offers low returns

1. Expires within one to three years –

You’ve now invested your time, your emotions and finances and it then ends after a year or two.

Time, as spoken about in my previous post, is precious. I believe we only have one life on this earth. A life that needs to be treasured and treated as such.

When meeting someone, we naturally and most of the time, automatically have an idea as to whether we would introduce this person to our parents or if we could envision ourselves with them in the future.

If you have to think about those two options for a while then I think you know and I know they are most likely, not the one.

2. Low risk/Offers low returns-

When getting into a short term investment there is a lower risk. However, with low risk comes less commitment. With less commitment comes, disloyalty, unfaithfulness and lack of time management. This may be appealing to some for many reasons. However, to those who are interested in forming a long term relationship these qualities are to be avoided.

 Long Term Investment-

Long term investment is any investment that has a higher (historic) probability of maximizing your returns over a 10 year period as compared to competing alternatives.

When it comes to a relationship we want someone who offers loyalty, love, patience and stability in return. Let’s aim for the long term investment and make sure your intended is also looking to invest in the same thing.

With love

Mrs K 


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