This weekend was an eye opener. 
I was looking through my late nans poems. She had an amazing talent of writing and rhyming of words. She would bring both humour and knowledge together and create an informative engaging piece of writing.

She has so many written poems but unfortunately didn’t have the opportunity or time to collate it into a book ( which she would of loved to do). It got me thinking, of course about the time I wish I could have with her, but also about how time goes without us even noticing.

We all have so many ideas and dreams but unfortunately the ideas and dreams don’t always fit into the timeframe we have.

Sometimes it does take someone to pick up from where you left off, in this case it’s me running with the dream my nan had and finally creating the book she would of always wanted.

This is why we need to remember life is precious. Time is not to be wasted. My nan lived life to the fullest. Her passport pages were fully covered, no clear paper to be seen. But unfortunately, as much as she lived, time ran away from her and from us as a family.

Which is why I not only dedicate this blog post to my beautiful nan but also encorouge you all to go for what you want in life. As one of my nans poems are titled ” Don’t worry about what the people say”. 

Some of us are so taken up by what people think and that alone halts our progression. Be brave and confident with the decisions you make for your life.

With love 
Mrs K

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