Missing Person Alert!

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 19.04.59

So I’ve spent this whole bank holiday in a battle.

With who you ask… with my mind guys. Literally!

I love writing and sharing my thoughts but for those who constantly visit (Thank you!) you would know that I’ve been missing for a while. To be honest this battle hasn’t only been for the bank holiday but for a few weeks now. However this is quite strange to me as a lot has been happening, which could also contribute to my sudden disappearance.

This month I’ve attended two weddings and have also been on holiday to beautiful sunny Cyprus. Amongst the craziness this month had to bring I’ve just not felt motivated to blog, which is terrible. I’m the sort of person doesn’t like to let my emotions govern my actions, but lets be honest, we all go through it. We are human after all!

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 18.51.02

However, with the lack of motivation and not knowing what to write, here I am guys (Applauds self!). I appreciate the people that have taken time out to read my blog post and have amazingly followed me. When I had my first follower it actually blew my mind.

Someone at this at this point may be thinking, “you only 16 followers”. Yes I do, 16 amazing followers who I appreciate!

Big things often have small beginnings 

Lets not despise our small beginnings as they do (with hard work) lead to awesome and wonderful things. Try not to let your feelings govern you, embrace progress and work towards your goals!

No more disappearing acts from me!


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