Stopping Doubt 


Doubt is a horrible thing. It can ruin relationships, opportunities, friendships. Our mind can often create a series of books out of one word. One action. A book based on suspicions and disbelieve. It’s a shadow. A dark form in the midst of the light. Light being opportunities, relationships and possible experiences. It follows our every move in life. Without self-control we allow our minds to wander, allowing the shadow of doubt to remain.

How many more relationships and opportunities will we allow doubt to destroy? When will we allow ourselves to truly be happy?


In the past I would relate the word ‘trust’ with fear. I was afraid of trusting. Still am at times. This would cause me to push people and opportunities away. However, not realizing that trust is sometimes only gained by trusting without any cause to.

I would often think that I am lucky to have met an individual who is calm and patient because “trust me” doubt and mistrust can unfortunately change you as a person. When it comes to building a relationship it either takes God or, at times, your partner to have the patience to understand your “issues”.

Unfortunately, life can scar us, but, are we really going to let those circumstances or people ruin our present and future? Nope! We are saying no today guys.


Switching Focus

Focus can be good or bad, as it depends on what you are choosing to focus on. When you focus on positivity, on a project, you will see growth in that area. This doesn’t change when our focus is on the opposite. Negativity. You will see growth in that area also.

Let’s work on switching our focus. Yes I know, it’s hard. However, first, with God all things are possible, right? Secondly, start to practice self-control. Our minds, are just that, “ours”. We have the control. Don’t allow your mind and emotions to control you. When a negative thought so kindly seeps in.

 “ I don’t trust them. They’re going to be like everyone else”.

Switch focus

 “ I will give them a chance. They haven’t done anything yet to ruin my trust”.

“I’m not good enough for that job”.

Switch focus

 “There’s no harm in applying. It will either be a yes, or at worse, a no”.


Just like an unwanted guest. It’s time to tell doubt to leave. You are no longer welcome in my “home”

With love

 Mrs K

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