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The Power of the Turtleneck

The power of the Turtle.

I’m in love with turtle neck jumpers. Its makes an pair of jeans or skirt become even more desirable or look more beautiful than what it already is. Not only does it compliment the garment it is paired with but it also helps to elongate your neck. Instant chicness.

When I was younger anything that elongated any part of my body was just a no, no. I was elongated enough, I thought. I struggled with accepting my long limbs.

I was and still am a tall, slim individual. However, growing up I was the tallest in primary ,secondary school and amongst my group of friends (Awkward). Anything different was seen as strange and just not normal.

Lanky, Skinny, daddy longlegs was just a snippet of the names people used to call me. (Please don’t take this as a self-pity post because trust me, I had a few words to fling back there way!). After many years I finally started to believe in the beauty my mum proclaimed I had. Not because I thought I was a hottie, but I truly started to realise that strange and different is beauty in itself.

I used to go down Oxford Street, London and see these amazing tall women, I was in awe and craved the confidence they had. That was definitely one of my turning points, if they had confidence then why couldn’t I?

I then stopped the slanting to the side when I stood and straightened up and walked with my head raised high. Although I changed those things the confidence didn’t come over night. I wasn’t confident changing, however, I forced myself until the confidence became my reality.

Now I wear my polo necks and other elongating items, with confidence like a beautiful giraffe raised high above the trees because that’s who I am (Not a giraffe of course) but I am a confident, tall, slim, young woman .

We are who God has made us to be and we will not change for anyone.

We have to realise not everyone is going to like the way we look and who cares? We definitely shouldn’t. Love yourself, embrace the figure, the mind and the looks your heavenly father has given you. Don’t bend (literally) to make anyone else feel comfortable.


With love

Mrs K

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