4 Ways To Become More Positive



Negativity, professional moaner.It’s so easy to fall into those categories. When challenging situations in life come (which they will) we often dwell on the negative,rather than looking on the bright side (that’s only human).

I know in myself I can easily slip into a state of moaning. My husbands most common used reassuring, phrase to me is, “ok Jade, lets try look on the brighter side of things”. Lets be honest. When you hear those words, it can be annoying. Especially when your really going for it and all you want is someone to agree with your comments! However, this is why it is so important to be surrounded by positive people. Moaning can be infectious and if your surrounded by another professional moaner or a negative individual, you’ll find yourself moaning for the whole day.

This year and not for the sake of the new year, but just for the sake of being more at peace with myself. I am going to focus on transferring the energy I often use to dwell and moan about challenges and instead move it towards thinking of ways I could improve my situation.


1.Train your mind

It took me a long time to train my mind to not focus on negativity (still working on it guys!) but to instead focus on the light at the end of the dark, dark tunnel and trust me the tunnel gets longer and darker each time!

My husband often tells me, rather than moaning, think of ways that you can change your situation, make suggestions for yourself. If you hate your job, make suggestions to your manager on how you could improve your role and make it more interesting. By doing this you are being proactive and working towards turning a negative into a positive.

2.It’s ok to unfriend 

Some people may find this hard. I personally find it easy to cut people off (I sound so cold, I promise I have a heart!).  Please note I say find. I never always found it easy. I used to be a people pleaser (happy to admit it). Always putting people first at the detriment of my own happiness or progression. However, with life and age you become wiser and realise time doesn’t wait on us. A friendship or relationship is about give and take. Not give, give, give, take, take, take.

Once you start to notice a pattern of negativity it’s time to just separate yourself from the source. You offer advice, but they are still moaning about the same thing weeks later? They are choosing to stay in that state of negativity. You have a choice too.


3.Take a break

Sometimes we just need a break. We need to remove ourselves from an environment or situation that isn’t helping us. You don’t have to deal with negativity or stress, you can walk away, you’re allowed. Remember we allow ourselves to remain in situations and it is our choice if we choose to endure or not.

4.Inspiration is Motivation

What inspires you? What makes you feel relaxed and brings you back to your center. For me its listening to gospel music, life teachings from TD Jakes or even reading inspirational blog post. It helps to calm me, reminds me what is important in life. Your mind and body is a temple, its precious, the only one you will have in this lifetime. You have control in what you allow to enter your mind . The power is truly yours!

What helps you to become more positive? I would love to hear your thoughts! 

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With love

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