My Black Obsession


Sometimes I find myself shuffling through my wardrobe in the mornings with the thought, “I will be wearing colour today”. 30 minutes, then an hour and nothing can be found amongst the many options of clothes.

“Let’s just keep it easy, chic and simple. I’ll switch it up tomorrow”, I say. However, tomorrow never comes. 24 hours in a day right? Nope, not for me, my black obsession and procrastinating ways of incorporating colour in my life.



You can never go wrong with black, is definitely a true statement. It not only creates an illusion of a slimmer you ( thank you Lord), but also allows you to look great without much effort needed. Last Friday, I took to my usual procrastinating ways and grabbed for my leather black trousers, my beautiful dark grey Zara jumper (Zara is LIFE) and my black leather boots, perfect for a chilled comfy day in the office.


Do you have the same obsession? or have you combatted it? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Shop the look





Photography by Matt

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