Zara Haul 

Clothes, Clothes, Clothes 

Our body is a temple right? I say let’s treat it as such and in turn treat ourselves, every now and then, to gorgeous new attire. However, this does not warrant getting yourself into debt, but the odd penny here and there could definitely be spared for a side treat … or two!

Since the end of last year, I haven’t really had the chance to spend money on myself. We had Christmas, my husband’s (who decided to be a Christmas baby) birthday, New year’s and bills, upon, bills. There was no time or should I say money, to spare.

This month I vowed that I would spend just a little on myself and Zara was definitely due a visit.. online.

Mom Jeans


I’ve always wanted a pair of mom jeans but I didn’t think they would suit me and my long limbs. However, Zara had a pair in there sale for just £12.99! (that’s not pushing the bank at all).

I like the dark denim and fancied a change. The majority of my jeans are skinny fit, I wanted to break away from the obvious choice and explore the world of denim.

Oversized Jumper


Now this isn’t any ordinary oversized jumper. The frills <3, the frills of life have been added. I like the boyish look combined with a girly, feminine touch. “ I want to have a laid back boyfriend look today, but I still want to actually look like a girl”. A girl you want, a girl you shall be!

Patent Skirt


Patent is something my wardrobe has been craving for years now. The delay has been down to not finding the right length or fit. Also some patent skirts can look quite cheap. Finding the right one was very essential.

Zara sale is still on guys. Don’t miss out of the fab deals!

With Love

Mrs K

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