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How To Put Yourself First

Stop trying to please everyone!

Who doesn’t want to be liked? Even the hardest of persons slightly cares about this (don’t lie now). I felt compelled to write on this subject due to past and unfortunately current situations.

Situations where I may have made efforts to be friendly and put my best foot forward but unfortunately no matter what I did peoples stance towards me would not change. It made me feel uncomfortable and at times, yes, upset.

I decided to stop trying to please everyone and realised they are never going to like me. Why waste my energy on an ever failing mission?

As said by bishop TD Jakes in one of his sermons.

“Stop convincing them of who you are. They’re never going to like you!’

It’s time to know who you are, in yourself, in God. Those who are meant to be in your life will gravitate towards you without you having to pursued them.


Knowing who you are

Above I mentioned knowing who you are. Knowing who you are as a person. Having confidence in yourself.

You are firstly a child of God. Secondly, who are you? Are you a hard worker. Have you been through hardship and come through the other end a fighter? Or are you simply a nice person who just wants everyone to see you as such?

Once you have clarified who you are in yourself, start to see it. Not everyone will see you as you see yourself and that’s absolutely fine. We need to have confidence in who we are and know that we don’t have to go through rings to try and convince someone of that.


 Be yourself

We now know who we are, let’s stay this way. If we’re going to change don’t change for others and their approval but change for your own self growth.

 Funny enough some people are offended by others appearance. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the person looks scary or offensive. Sometimes it can be the complete opposite. However, that is no fault of your own.

 Continue to look after yourself, to make the effort with your make up, hair. Continue to take care in your appearance and health. Continue!

People being offended by how you choose to look is nothing that needs to concern you. It comes down to that individuals self-confidence.

We are not responsible and will not change in order to accommodate their feelings. In many cases these are the people who will go out of their way to make ‘YOU’ feel uncomfortable.


Continue to –

Love yourself

Put yourself first and if you don’t, how about starting 🙂

With Love


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4 thoughts on “How To Put Yourself First

  1. I loved this post! I’ve realised that putting myself first has helped me to become happier. I’m finally starting to find the path that I was meant to walk. Some people are in your life for the long haul and some are only there for a season. We have to be grateful for both because they help to shape the person that we want to be. Again, great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your response!

      So true about being grateful for both the long term and short term relationships. They definitely do help to shape who we are.

      I’m glad you have started putting yourself first and experiencing happiness through doing so 😘


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