Maintaining a Simple Skin Care Routine




People always ask what foundation I use. However, what many fail to remember is we could purchase the most expensive, 24hr wearing , luminous foundation but without looking after your skin the quality and price would soon be a distant memory. It would not appear how it is entailed to be.

The most important part of make-up application is the base you are applying the products to. Even I at times have to remind myself of this. I don’t drink as much water as needed and I may have a cheeky night of not taking my make-up off before bed ( I know, terrible). I regret those actions in the morning!

We don’t want to rely on make-up but would rather have it as an option to aid in the amazing looks we want to create on ourselves.

 In order to help my fellow sisters and bros out below I have listed the products I use in my day and evening cleansing routine.

Let start!

Simple Face Wash


Simple face wash. It is literally as it is named, ‘simple’. No fuss, no perfume. I love it! I have quite sensitive skin and using something as chemical free as this is perfect for me.

Olay Night Cream


For the evenings I use Olay night cream. To be honest, this was by default. My sister brought a tray (yes a tray) of beauty products home one day and I thought ‘ hmm let me try this, it’s FREE!’, and its honestly turned out to be the best decision. Waking up after applying this the night before leaves my skin feeling super hydrated and smooth in the mornings.

 Palmers coconut Oil Body Lotion


Last but definitely not least, for the day I use Coconut Oil Body Lotion. I’m honestly not a fussy. I’ve used the Palmers collection since birth (Coco butter). Not only for my day time face cream, but also as a body lotion. I always make sure to moisturise my neck with this also. We don’t want our now smooth luscious face to be connected to a not so luscious neck.

Feel free to share below your staple beauty products lets go on this skin care journey together!

With Love

Mrs K

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