How To Accept Growth


Accepting the Growing pains 

 Like a child forming its first tooth or an individual working on building muscle, growing pains are essential for a real transformation. Not all pain is an indication of danger.

 Life comes with a lot of challenges, as we all know. It’s a constant growing experience. Circumstances form us into who we are, either for the good or the bad.

Growth is never always a peaceful experience. It can come with disappointments, loss and change. However, it has to happen in order for us to become who we are destined to be.

Letting go

Sometimes I look back on life and wonder what happened to certain relationships, where did they go. A quote that sticks is, ‘If you’re not losing friends you’re not growing’. In the past losing friends would affect me. I would try and hold onto them no matter how far a part we grew in interest.

I would try to mold myself into someone else in order to accommodate the dying friendship. The fear of the growing pains (feeling lonely and experiencing change) was scary. However, for my own progression I had to realise that unfortunately we can’t take everyone along with us on life’s journey.  Instead of fretting I embraced it.

bedAccepting change

So now that we’ve experienced the change of the loss in friendship, new location or relationship status, it’s time to accept it. I can truly say I probably only have six good long term friends. You must be thinking, dam she must be lonely! .. No not really 😛

I’ve accepted that the friends I once had no longer fit into the life I have now, they were either unable to support me in life’s trials or we just simply grew apart. I realised that beating myself up with the whys, ifs and buts was not going to change anything but increase my stress levels. I just accepted and moved on.

So guys we’ve gone through the change, we are now in the state of acceptance. Let’s welcome the wonderful new experiences that life has to offer. As said in the beginning, in order to grow the growing pains are vital. Don’t be afraid, but embrace and remember that everything truly happens for a reason.

With love 

Mrs k


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