How To Regain Focus In 2017


I have been battling with this topic myself for a while now, especially in 2016. It’s tiring having so many ideas for future endeavours but then the ever so familiar state of mind will seep in. Being unfocussed and procrastinating.. “POOF!”. Motivation and focus have disappeared for another month.

When we will say no to procrastinating? Sometimes loosing focus is what hinders us from progressing in many areas of our life. In our work, spiritual and personal life. We can be main cause for our lack of progression. Why not make 2017 a year of progressing and saying no to procrastination?

In order to progress we should try and focus on the below points that could help us regain the power in our lives.


What are our goals? 

First we need to figure out what it is that we would like to focus on. Is it a business idea, goals towards a promotion or a personal goal to achieve better health, for example? Without knowing what you want to achieve how will we know what to focus on?

First step, make a list of goals you would like to achieve this year.

Surround yourself around positive people. 

Once you’ve made your list it’s time to work on your surroundings. Surrounding yourself around positive people is one of the most important points.  Negativity is highly contagious “disease”, it can affect your mood and vision. Sharing is great, but, sometimes we have to be wise and selective with who we share our thoughts and ideas with. Make sure the people you express your endeavours with are positive, willing to offer constructive criticism and truly want the best for you.


Being governed by your emotions 

“I don’t feel like doing it”, “I’m upset”, “I don’t feel like I’m able”. Girl?! (or guy!) Get a grip! I’ve had to literally say this to myself many times. Jade.Get, a grip!

Time doesn’t wait, it just keeps ticking and ticking and by the time we know it, we’re in the same position, a year later.Yes, we have times when our emotions take over. We’ve gone through hell and back or we just simply don’t feel motivated.

In times like this try to recite the below-

  1. I am in control of my life
  2. My emotions will not govern me
  3. Change only happens once I have made my mind up

2017, like years to come, is another chance given to us to perfect ourselves, to build and to progress.

Why not do something new this year, change your routine!

With Love

Mrs K

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