The Natural Journey


So I’ve gone natural. But for how long?

 Will the weather be kind and respect me and my fro or will it just kick up a storm (Literally).

I’ve been wanting to go natural for some time now but the confidence to do so has been non-existent. Not only was I lacking in confidence, I just couldn’t conjure up the patience to be honest.

Many would think having your natural hair would make life easier and the getting ready process would be halved … Nope! Not at all.

The shrinkage, the unruly curls, the disrespectful weather is just a small amount of the what being natural does to your life. However, considering the above negatives, for me, the positives definitely outweigh.

My scalp is able to breath, it almost feels like someone is blowing a cold fan directly on my scalp. The wind feels so refreshing and at times a bit intimating. Sometimes it’s just a bit too refreshing. But nethertheless my scalp can breathe and receive the vitamin D it needs.

I kind of hate it when people assume you don’t love yourself when you choose not to have your natural hair out. Having extensions may not necessarily mean one doesn’t love themselves, maybe they just fancy a change or a different look. I guess I can only speak for myself.

But guys it’s 2017. It’s a new year. This is the change I’ve made for myself this year. What changes have or will you be making?

With Love

Mrs K

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