Married To My Best friend

A relationship with my best friend, the love of my life, the future father of my children, in all, a blessing from God. 

 I never knew there would be a man out there for me. Someone who understands me. Someone who is so patient  and encouraging. Someone who is loyal. But God knew the perfect fit for me. Again, he answered my prayer.

I’m not an easy person to be with. Even I can admit that. I’m difficult, particular, stubborn and set in my own ways. Those are not necessarily good things in a relationship. However, the lord knew the perfect man that would be patient enough to tear down the many walls I had built over the years. Walls built because of unhealthy relationships.

Instead of searching for someone, I asked the lord to provide and he did.



It wasn’t an overnight thing. Sometimes we pray for things and they may not be answered straight away for many reasons. We may not be ready, it isn’t for us or we need more time to develop in order to handle the blessing that God would love to give us. I truly believe if I met my husband at a younger age I would not have  been ready. I wouldn’t of valued it as much as I do, because I wouldn’t of gone through certain things in life to know what is of value.

I thank the lord for his perfect timing. We’ve been through circumstances, but they’ve only made us stronger! I would not remove what we’ve been through. Trials only come to make you stronger. Through the trials we’ve stuck together and now we really understand that a marriage will never be perfect. We are not perfect. But what can be perfect, is the trust we have in God. His love is perfect. Never failing.

With him at the centre of your marriage or relationship you can withstand any storm.

Remember, family argue, fall out, fight, but it shouldn’t change the love you have for one another.

Take this into your marriage.


With love.

Mrs K



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